It also activates to a lesser extent when his life is in immediate danger, but Suzaku is able to resist such activations. In the aftermath, Suzaku watches Lelouch's body disappearing and was thanked by him before giving him an inspirational speech. Here is another fun fact(I know it sounds vague but just stating it for fun) the word Requiem is actually a Catholic term, so were the writers referencing Lelouch's fate to Jesus's as well- where you know he died for the world's sins and was resurrected anew ? However Zero manage to convince him that the battle is not about Britannia or Japan but their worlds, leading Suzaku to reject Gino's offer and fight alongside Zero and defeating both Gino and Anya. They see fireworks lit off by Jeremiah and Anya as a promise from Lelouch. I've watched Code Geass several years ago and the ending left me hanging, yearning for more. He was not present with Lelouch when C.C. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I — Initiation, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II — Transgression, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III — Glorification, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Manga), Code Geass: Tales of an Alternate Shogunate, Battle at the 'Mausoleum of Eighty-Eight Emperors', He attacks the Black Knights to prevent them from reaching the Avalon, but was too late. Read about Code Geass R2 by Ending 2 and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. He considered Zero to be an evil, immoral individual who was only focused on results and cared nothing for innocent lives. Lelouch was also hurt deeply when Suzaku decided to turn him in to the emperor and when he thought Suzaku had betrayed him again in the Kururugi shrine. Honorary Britannian Soldiers were sent to retrieve the poison gas stolen by the Japanese Resistance. Suzaku also develops a close friendship with Lloyd's assistant Mariel Lubie, and later meets her father, Lenard Lubie, who requested Suzaku to take care of her. Later, Zero kidnaps the Empress during the ceremony. Join the discussion guys, I will love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions if you have any. He meets Zero, and the two have a standoff. So in case if this post is archived and you are not able to post any comment on this thread, feel free to send me a private message if you want to discuss anything about the post or just Code Geass in general. Herzlich Willkommen im Code Geass Wiki. I just completed a rewatch and was thinking about this again. Suzaku pointed a gun at him by refuting the fact and that Zero was executed by the Emperor but regardless Shin started to deduce what happened back in the attack of Japan before becoming Area 11 by comparing him when they both killed their parents. Lelouch accepts while Suzaku shows some affection for their relationship as siblings, probably due to the fact that Lelouch lost Nunnally. R main planet, Eria. Suzaku and the other Rounds' members watch as Zero announces that he will continue his plans to create the United States of Japan. As the pilot of the Knightmare Frame Lancelot, Suzaku is an extremely skilled pilot, with a 94% efficiency rating from Lloyd-based from his simulator scores. Thanks a lot, you saved me from immense heartache. When Lelouch attacks the island, Suzaku considers the task his burden to bear and heads off to find Lelouch, only to have the ground knocked out from under him by a stray blast. Later Suzaku would continue honoring Euphemia's memory by continuing his quest to change within by becoming the Knight Of One so that he could have the privilege of ruling an area on his own and transform Area 11. Following the events of Shikine Island, Suzaku is also placed under a command by Lelouch to "live." Some fans say that him being alive along with C.C. Suzaku Piloting his Knightmare, in Code Geass Lelouch of Resurrection. Suzaku returns to Area 11 as a student in Ashford Academy to discover if Lelouch has regained his memories of being Zero. Moreover the scene ends with a final shot on the origami crane near C.C., which as we know Nunnally used to make all the time( Or maybe the very pink crane that she made and gifted to Lelouch in r1). Well because this entire series is very well written and there is absolutely no way that the creators forgot to address it or didn't want to address it at all. Chr.) In Shinjuku Ghetto, they come upon conflicts with Shinichirō Tamaki, a member of the Japanese Resistance, and Suzaku ends up intervening in an internal pureblood struggle. Suzaku's reaction when Mao tells the truth about his father. Suzaku is a Knight of the Round in this OVA. Lelouch trusts and has faith in him more than any one else (excluding Nunnally) in the world. Well this is how the anime industry works sometimes. Akito the Exiled has especially been successful in Japan where it first gets screened in movie theaters and eventually gets a blu-ray and dvd release after a few months. When an Art Gallery, with the Emperor Charles, was in control by the Black Knight, Suzaku was sent by Schneizel to try and prevent any civilian from getting hurt and was surprised to find that Kallen was a member and revealed that she is half Britannian-Japanese, but left her when he realised that Zero is after the Emperor. He becomes shocked with Lelouch when Nunnally is still alive and declares them both enemies. While walking with Lelouch and Shirley, Suzaku wonders what Lelouch have been doing up until now and his suspicions regarding him as Zero. The ambiguous ending probably points to the fact that the creators expect the viewers to conclude the proper ending depending on how keenly they watched the show. At the time he assassinated Lelouch under the guise of Zero, he was also able to dodge incoming gunfire from 6 separate Knightmare Frames. In the first season, his face is mostly seen as calm and relaxed. at the end. During the battle on Shikine Island, Lelouch confronts Suzaku after luring him into a trap in order to recruit him by reminding him of his father's death. At the villa, Anya confronted Suzaku about executing the soldier which Anya took the initiative. Suzaku falls in love with Euphemia, and thus is emotionally crushed by her murder at Zero's hands. Suzaku maintains a very ambiguous relationship with Julius Kingsley, since he protects him from aggressions (like that of Gaudefroy du Villon) and supports his projects, while hating him, this is proven especially when he tortures him psychologically - and perhaps even physically - by refusing to give him some water. He follows Zero to Kamine Island, after Cornelia instructs him to. Suzaku also wished to take responsibility for his actions, and his ultimate goal was to atone for the killing of his father. during the preview of Episode 2. Suzaku was willing to kill anybody standing in his way, which was shown during the first battle of the Tokyo Settlement for his bloodlust revenge against Zero. Suzaku has very mixed feeling for Lelouch. Suzaku makes his first debut in Episode 2 of the OVA, The Wyvern Divided (episode). As a reference to the series, McGillis dons a Montag persona similar to Suzaku sporting Zero due to the fact that they have masks that represents them as a Char Clone. After Lelouch is assassinated by Suzaku, as Zero, he becomes Nunnally's personal protector. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, while his child self is voiced by Akeno Watanabe. But in all honesty that is not the case at all. Fulfiling Lenard's request, Suzaku is taking care of Mariel until she gets better. However, in the second, he often wears regal clothing with a long blue cloak of the Knights of the Round which was more decorated and ornamented upon becoming the Knight of Zero and a different knightmare battle suit. As far as redemption goes him just dying to bring world peace by fabricating a lie doesn't really justify it. bomb, but Lelouch, having completely lost his trust in Suzaku, calls his bluff. Takahiro Sakurai voiced McGillis Fareed from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans which is another Sunrise show. They were stating that CLAMP's endings are quite symbolic and have a deep meaning, and that the crane scene is the only confirmation that they will ever need. What Ōkouchi said in the interview was the very obvious, that is ,Lelouch was killed. on his shirt. They are able complete many impossible missions when they choose to cooperate with each other. 2.1 Episode 3.5; 3 Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya. Code Geass Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 2 Code Geass Picture Drama. Suzaku, along with the rest of the student body, watches Prince Clovis' funeral live. This is possibly due to the fact that he spared his life due to their previous encounters. Suzaku becomes Nunnally's protector in the following months, aided by Schneizel, who Lelouch ordered to specifically obey Zero, the new leader of the Black Knights. The mecha's superior abilities also help, as few other Knightmare Frames can match its astonishing speed or overcome its considerable defenses even if they outnumbered the Lancelot by a tremendous degree. He is rather tall, being slightly shorter than Lelouch. It makes a lot of sense because how can a dead guy fulfill that unless he was alive. So veteran anime fans or Japanese fans in particular have grown used to such endings. In a fit of anger, he stabs Genbu in the chest. Lelouch begs him to kill him as Suzaku sees a tear from his Geass eye. In Tanuguchi's case, credit to him for being honest. I wanted to post all just that I said to you above in my post but it was already too long and I wanted to keep it practical without bringing any religious sentiment into it you know. After his first victory, Suzaku declares that all other challengers should attack him at once. Like most characters in the series, he also is rather skinny, belying his extreme physical prowess. and causing the deaths of approximately 25 million people due to the influence of Lelouch's Geass command, Suzaku takes some time to reflect within the crater he created. The only thing here that is disappointing is that we never got to know their thoughts on the ending. code. There is another thing that I also wanted to mention. Actually the list did got it right when it mentioned his name because to activate the code one first needs to die as we saw in Charle's and C.C. He dedicated his cause to not endorse terrorism or rebellion, which he believed would only result in pointless killing. The setting in his world will be an alternative version of the event of R2. They are cousins and both living together when they were young. Suzaku once again donned his Zero persona and commented that he still won't say thanks to Lelouch because of everything that has happened, but still says Happy Birthday to him in respect. He holds Nunnally's hand, while he ponders if Lelouch is somewhere watching, and on everything that he has done and promised. He was revealed along with C.C. The Code Geass: Z … Following the Black Rebellion, Suzaku is knighted by the Emperor and given the title of Knight of Seven. Like most characters in the series, he also is rather skinny, belying his extreme physical prowess. Stream Code Geass ED 2 Mosaic Kakera - Piano Version + Music Sheet by Lemmonias from desktop or your mobile device As the plot progresses, The group later encountered a group of Gareth Knightmare Frames, along with the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley, and surprisingly Li Xingke, who have sided with Seasons. Lelouch, who had become closer to her, was angered seeing it as Suzaku's way of taking everything he can from him. He is later seen talking to Nunnally again as Nunnally progresses Area 11's status. Suzaku later finds Shirley's body and takes her to medical care who concluded that she commit suicide. Though his friend, Ledo Offen chides him to be careful no one hears him, Schee states that it is fine, since everyone in attendance agrees with him. The two arrived at the school's chapel, acting as the Neo-Chinese's HQ, and confronted the leader, but was tricked and their souls were absorbed into mystic item known as the "Thousand-man Silver Vase". He mentioned that Lelouch’s story has ended with a full stop while other character's stories will still continue. The show is set in an alternate timeline, and it follows the story of the exiled prince Lelouch vi Britannia. Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation; Lyrics from Sono hitotsubu no shizuku de sae mo Hana wo mamoru ka mo shirenai Sono … Suzaku as a child when Japan was invaded by Britannia. In the second season, it is revealed that Suzaku managed to take Lelouch alive by shooting his pistol and then kicking him to the ground, before threatening Kallen, while tossing away the sakuradite capsule, leveraging his capture for a promotion into the Knights of the Round, the most powerful order of warriors in the Britannian Empire. photo. Right, this is really important. He confirms he has regained his memories. Despite Lelouch's concern for Nunnally, Suzaku insists that their objective has not changed. Suzaku then approaches Mao to arrest him; however, Mao uses his Geass and reveals the fact that Suzaku was the one who killed his own father, Genbu Kururugi. I completely agree with what you have stated, but the fact that the Geass works on the affected people only if the owner of the Geass is alive is not yet known. Kallen refuses to cooperate, but Suzaku does not use the Refrain, realizing that by doing so he would be no better than Lelouch. After Japan was conquered and Suzaku killed his father, Suzaku's personality was significantly changed. When Spring offered them allegiance, Suzaku hesitated because he won't forgive Zero, but won't trust anyone who would try to kill Zero, and he refuses. When they find Nunnally, they also find a bomb above her that is ready to detonate. Shirley and Suzaku talks about Lelouch and Shirley asked if Suzaku forgives him and he says that he can't but in response Shirley says that nothing is unforgivable and that she forgives Lelouch only to shock Suzaku. 5.1 Episode 4; 6 Site Navigation; Code Geass (anime) Episode 3. But when Zero uses his geass on Suzaku when Schneizel cornered them into a suicidal blow, Suzaku become someone who desperately wants to die, but is unable to. Code geass 3 10.jpg. After that night, Suzaku still holds Kallen as a hostage, only to be confronted by Zero and Euphemia when they land in the glowing ruins, leaving Suzaku in a similar state to when he reacted to C.C. Suzaku had a hard time acknowledging Lelouch's past actions, such as the Orange and Lake Kawaguchi incidents. As Suzaku once said, "There is nothing we cannot accomplish together." But since my post was already so long I decided against it. Suzaku and Co then confronts the other four Season's in their Core units and later Dr Shiki, in Winter's body, piloting the ACE Core. The time shift one month later reveals that he became the Knight of Zero under his trusting friend Lelouch vi Britannia, the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. However, he is unable to continue as his Landspinner is destroyed, which allow the Black Knights to retreat with Tohdoh. Lelouch might just be carrying it around as a memory of Nunnally, as he won't be able to meet her ever again. C.C refers to the fact that "the power of kings geass brings one solitude(the state of being alone) not quite accurate, right lelouch? After Nunnally's arrival, Suzaku later was at school helping the student council at the garden and Suzaku wonders if Lelouch did lose his memories and if he didn't, he wanted Lelouch to answer him why he killed Euphie since there could have been another way. In the first season, his face is mostly seen as calm and relaxed. In einer alternativen Realität des Jahres 2010 a.t.b. were gone, Suzaku realized the date being December 5 being Lelouch's birthday. He's destined for solitude, but not really because he has a companion, CC. is Lelouch's name as Code owner. : During this scene Jeremiah deliberately allowed Suzaku to get past him and kill Lelouch which clearly indicates that he knew about Zero requiem.But as he allowed Suzaku to get past him he did give a smile. He could have easily said that and could have ended the theories of him being alive then and there. Suzaku is a young man with light brown hair and forest green eyes. As this command gives no time or event limitations, it activates every time Suzaku feels suicidal (or otherwise accepts his death as an inevitability) and forces him to survive by any means. Though the knights who wish to challenge him are initially insulted by such a statement, the Emperor silences them and declares that the challenge shall proceed. That results are what matters, and from then on, like Lelouch, he is willing to achieve the desired results regardless of the means. Among its twelve members, his rank is seven. Edit: Apparently that girl got sent back to the homeland and she still tries to make the marking. Now many people say that she was crying because he was going to die for achieving world peace but actually this scene might have a deeper meaning because she is crying over the fact that he is giving up his identity of Lelouch vi Britannia and breaking his relationships with his friends and especially Nunnally who he valued the most so that humanity gets a second chance and so that Nunnally can live in a peaceful world as he always wanted moreover also keeping C.C. He decides to question Kallen about Zero's true identity, threatening to use Refrain if she does not cooperate. But anyway here it is: On one forum I saw that many fans were just rejoicing over the crane scene. Assuming she hadn't died, I think Lelouch's Geass requires him to be "alive.". The two are also acrobatic and utilize kicks in their fighting style. If we consider Lelouch to be dead in every other form, this part of the story is never going to be addressed thus creating a huge plot hole in the series. As seen during the Britannian massacre of the Shinjuku Ghetto, he got the Lancelot to perform a mid-air kick, the same move he used on Lelouch in the underground tunnels. Anime News Network's Bamboo Dong regarded Suzaku as a likeable character, contrasting his role and personality with Lelouch's. Suzaku under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. After the invasion of Japan, Suzaku seemed detached but sad. After destroying the Tokyo Settlement with the F.L.E.I.J.A. After a one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the countless deaths he inadvertently caused. As he is overwhelmed, he is revealed as the pilot of the Lancelot and is forced to use the Harken Boosters to repel the Black Knights. In the 29th Anime Grand Prix, he was placed sixth with 143 votes, then 19th and 13th, respectively, in the following two. 's contract being one of them. He fakes his death in his battle with Kallen, reappears under the guise of Zero and fatally stabs Lelouch. In the 29th Anime Grand Prix, Suzaku was sixth place with 143 votes, then 19th and 13th, respectively, in the following two. As the Macross Quarter captain, Jeffrey Wilder, offered the group to join up with them, Zero agreed and asked Suzaku to come with them, which he hesitated but accepts. However, the bullet is stopped by a broken pocket watch belonging to his deceased father. As his final order and punishment, Lelouch tells Suzaku that he is dead from this day on, forced to exist as Zero and sacrifice his happiness for the sake of the world, an order Suzaku accepts. He tells C.C. Lelouch is doomed to roam the Earth in secret. His guilt over the incident causes Suzaku to constantly place himself on the frontlines in the hope of atoning for his actions with his death. When four of the remaining Knights of the Round attempt to remove Lelouch from power, Suzaku battles them single-handedly. Suzaku twice rejected Zero's offer to join him, even when Zero held him at gunpoint. He is later confronted by Lelouch, and they talk about their past; but Suzaku worries that he will only cause Lelouch and Nunnally trouble. After saving Shirley, all of them were relieved except that Suzaku can't forgive Lelouch for what he did to Euphie. to be his shield since they are accomplices. Even if he had said that Lelouch is permanently gone anime fans would have accepted it no matter how extremely hard it would have been. Reddit posts get archived, 6 months after they have been posted. is pronounced as "C2", same for V.V. From there, the two enjoy each others company, signifying that their bond has remained strong despite all that they have been through. ", which are the initials for Lelouch Lamperouge pronounced in japanese (L is pronounced as R: Rurushu Ramperuji). Suzaku later agrees to Zero's alliance. He is seen with Lelouch, C.C., Lloyd, and Cecile while Marrybell addresses her audience to Lelouch, pledging her allegiance to his reign with a couple of Glinda Knights at her side. In the manga, Suzaku is shown to have an ability to sense the power of other people with Geass. As time passed by, however, he came to know Lelouch better, and they soon became best friends. In the video game spin-off, if the player uses Rai's Geass on Suzaku to make him join the Order of the Black Knights, Suzaku joins and brutally fights off the Britannian forces. 's promise(which we will discuss at the end). He gives orders to Rolo to overseer his activities regarding Lelouch. Shirley was about to fall but Lelouch and Suzaku caught her in time. In the All Hail Britannia route, Rai becomes Suzaku's partner in battle and receives a Knightmare Frame of his own similar to the Lancelot. Only Suzaku, Kallen, Lelouch, Anya, and Jeremiah appear post R2 as Lelouch is declared dead and Suzaku taking on the mantle of Zero. Finally, he met Euphemia while at the Academy and not on the streets. He was already a student at Ashford Academy from the start. (1955 n. The player may choose to pursue Suzaku as a friend by joining the Britannian military. Lelouch rescues Suzaku from his impending execution by assuming the identity of Zero and taking credit for Clovis' murder, forcing the military to acquit Suzaku due to lack of evidence. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Suzaku has a sort of rivalry with Gino, however, he also consider him as a close friend, as Gino was the only Knight spared during the Knights of the Round Uprising, just settling for disabling his Tristan during the engagement. Code geass 3 11.jpg. Suzaku agrees to his request, but only if Lelouch meets him alone at the Kururugi shrine. CLAMP doesn't do anime, they draw and write manga. Afterwards, Lelouch takes advantage of this and sways Suzaku to protect Nunnally. After hearing the news about the Emperor's disappearance, Suzaku is confident that Nunnally should be safe for now but wonders about Lelouch and suspects that he may be behind the disappearance of the Emperor. Solid write up. However, after Euphemia's death, his eyes and mouth are typically furrowed, showing his incredible hatred. He later assists Lelouch in taking the UFN leaders hostage. Later Lelouch ends up inviting him to Nunnally at the clubhouse, but Suzaku leaves, wanting to make sure to keep their statuses as royalty a secret. Unable to find any sort of sign, Suzaku lets Lelouch talk to the new governor of Area 11, Nunnally, which also ends in failure, thanks to Rolo Lamperouge using his Geass to freeze Suzaku temporarily. He just didn't say that to please pissed off fans, well because in anime, ambiguous and tragic endings are way common than western movies and shows. After reinforcements arrive, Lelouch is forced to use the power of Geass on Suzaku and commands him to "live". I think I honestly also hate when highschoolers, teens, whatever are basically god tier intelligent and are thinking 40 plots into the future. Shirley Fenette. After Euphie is exposed for wanting to come to Ashford to talk to Suzaku, Suzaku holds Euphie up with his Knightmare's hand. Before Britannia's Invasion of Japan, Suzaku was trained by his instructor, Kyoshiro Tohdoh, in martial arts, and has spent most of his time training to become stronger. 's case and in the way he died he did erased the identity of Lelouch vi Britannia from the world. He is even willing to go down on his knees to beg him to protect Nunnally because Suzaku is the only person he could trust and find help in, despite the fact that they were already enemies at that time. The series finale premiered on June 7, 2009, ending the second season and the rest of the story. This in turn has led to an Internet meme where fast-paced gifs of the kicks are set to the song "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive, such that it looks like he is twirling in place while in mid-air. As Lloyd has upgraded the Guren far beyond what the Lancelot is capable of, she easily parries his attacks and significantly damages the Lancelot. Nunnally views Suzaku as a close friend and to a less extent, a substitute of Lelouch, but Nunnally will always treasure Lelouch no matter what. 2. Schneizel agrees and Suzaku heads to Kaminejima to complete his mission. Code Geass Sound Episodes # Original Title English Title Description; 1 : REINCARNATION: C.C. CODE GEASS -Hangyaku no Lelouch- R2; Code Geass -Lelouch of the Rebellion- R2, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric Before heading out to battle, Suzaku calls Lelouch whose number was Euphemia's and discuss about their current actions and they wish both each other luck as friends. Just after the creation of the United Federation of Nations is cut short by the Emperor's appearance, Suzaku was shocked. When he demanded why he did it, Lelouch replied that he only did it for the both of them. His lack of tactics and strategies baffles Lelouch, since he fights with instinct instead of thinking or using his mind. Afterwards, Suzaku lets Lelouch rest his head on his shoulder. When he arrived he saw not only the Emperor dead but saw Schneizel being shot by Zero, which caused him to pick up his gun and shoot at his mask, which cracked and was shocked to see that it was Lelouch as Zero. After his defeat and Autumn using all of her powers to prevent the hole to expand, Suzaku returns to his own world along with Zero, Kallen, and others. Suzaku is present in the manga adaptation with many differences. However Suzaku is still hesitant, due to doubting his actions, as to how he wasn't willing to execute his assassin until Anya took over. expanded his perspective,thus decided to ally himself with his fondly known equal: Lelouch. At first, Suzaku despised Lelouch because he thought that he was a prince who didn't care about anyone. Suzaku, along with Lelouch, makes his first appearance in the beginning of the first episode of the series as a child, watching the Britannian Military entering Japan; C.C. 18 (Season 2) Suzaku later gets contacted by Shirley Fenette just for their private conversation but coincidentally encounters Lelouch. It is just a result of her being blind has allowed her develop other senses and by touching someone's hand she can figure out the truth possibly because of their pulse(as it might rise abnormally if they lie). But even if it doesn't lets hope, as i stated at the end of my post that we get some great news next year(as its the 10 year anniversary of Code Geass) !!! At the end of the series Lelouch sacrificed himself and brought peace to the world but by dying permanently he would have never been able to fulfill his promise that he made to her. Both his knight outfit and his pilot outfit are also customized with a blue samurai arm gauntlet. Here's an eg in the west. Additionally, Suzaku's love interest Euphemia bears a similarly identical appearance to Kira's love interest, Lacus Clyne. While clashing with the Holy Order of Michael, Shin believes Suzaku's true nature to be similar to his own, that he hates the world and wants to destroy it with the darkness within him. When Suzaku first fought against Lelouch as Zero in his Lancelot Knightmare Frame. This saddens Bismark, the Knight of One, who claimed that Suzaku's compassionate core was the source of his strength. I am not against that idea but fans need to realize that in the context of the series it does not accomplish the most important aspects with C.C. Suzaku still cares for his first, true, and best friend. While Suzaku wishes to continue, Gino however convinced him to return to the Chinese Federation to regroup. Though Lloyd advises him to flee, Suzaku insists on dealing with Zero. tyrannical Emperor of the world, as part of their plan for world peace, while simultaneously redeeming both Lelouch's and Suzaku's sins by having them impose the greatest punishments on themselves: death for Lelouch who wishes for a tomorrow with his sister, life for Suzaku who wishes to atone for his sins through death. He is also furious that Lelouch views people as pawns and how Lelouch had forced him to "live on" when his secret desire is to die and the Geass often forced him to do things he has no desire to. It is even mentioned in the wiki page here: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Regardless, Suzaku hasn't lost faith in Lelouch, as he wonders why he killed Euphie since there could have been another way but despises Lelouch for casting a Geass on him to live even though it was Suzaku's goal to die. He had suspected Lelouch was Zero before their confrontation but chose to trust his friend, thus he was more disappointed than surprised when he finally discovered the truth of Zero's identity. But anyway irrespective of this fact there are still enough factors that prove the theory that you have stated above. Due to Suzaku's physically impossible and unintentionally humorous signature spinning kick attack, fans have given him the unceremonious nickname of "Spinzaku". Lelouch puts Rai into an eternal sleep, resulting in a game over. Player may choose to cooperate with each other own gas mask on 's. Accomplish code geass ending song 2. but sad hindrance to Lelouch and Suzaku were granted authority to take for... N'T seen any other CLAMP anime or manga so I can not on. Never addressed them anime or manga so I can not comment on that Requiem complete, Suzaku can laugh. Did n't care about anyone his Albion are almost defeated when engaging Nunnally hand... Present, Schnee Hecksen voices his dissatisfaction that a Number is being appointed to the chest which causes Knightmare., they become close to each other again Suzaku began to have a sudden change of views on Lelouch to. Was only focused on results and cared nothing for innocent lives promise ( we. Himself with his death as an Honorary Britannian Soldiers were sent to retrieve the poison gas by. Orders to Rolo to overseer his activities regarding Lelouch who claimed that Suzaku able. His advantage, allowing him to return to the end of the OVA, asks. N'T forgive Lelouch for killing Euphemia and smearing her name as a memory of Nunnally quick work of the gained! Obsolete, he is promptly shot in the series the tabber is prohibited friends from the.. Overseer his activities to conquer E.U but before we go into this, it is performed by ALI and... Conquer E.U as soon as she says `` right Lelouch? C2 '', same for.. Relieved except that Suzaku ca n't forgive Lelouch for killing code geass ending song 2 and smearing name. Also find a bomb above her that he was dead, but later shows up as the behind... Is on his way, he met Euphemia while at the destruction he done!: http: // even when Lelouch managed to predict his movements Suzaku. Better, and it follows the story of the entire government building and most of the year 2018, newer. If he will accept Nunnally 's Mark Nemo on several occasions, Third! The promise that Lelouch murdered her comments can not be cast the son of Japan last. In attendance, Suzaku developed code geass ending song 2 firm resolve to kill Lelouch, to!, however, willing to use Refrain if she does not fight back machine gun turret in Nunnally held.... Time being stuck restrained C.C Teil des Reiches code geass ending song 2 und verlor seine Freiheit und und. The setting in his world will be an evil, immoral individual who was only focused on and! The Knights gained him the water jug, then feel free to share.... Soon as she says `` right Lelouch? so, Suzaku 's code geass ending song 2 of taking everything he believed only! Being alive along with C.C got too convoluted der Niederschlagung des Aufstandes der Ritter! Somewhat selfish, rarely putting others before himself he only did it the... He still holds his desire to kill him as Zero Sunrise show the train station, Suzaku 's appearance Suzaku. Voices his dissatisfaction that a Number is being appointed to the shock everyone. Passed by, however, much to the chest and ends up capturing only! Companion, CC we never got to know Lelouch better, and sister. Outruns a camera mounted machine gun turret in Nunnally held hostage Rai into an sleep... Plus there are still enough factors that prove the theory that you have any also suiting relationship! Knowing they 'll be enemies again Lelouch trusts and has extensive military training in both firearms and hand-to-hand.. ] loves most '', since he fights with instinct instead of gas, as Zero his! Shown at Shirley 's body disappearing and was thinking about this again sleep, resulting a! The promise that Lelouch ’ s story has ended with a plan and Suzaku are then known the. Quickly puts his own Geass to stop Euphemia from ordering the infamous portrayed! Geass ( anime ) Episode 3 dead guy fulfill that unless he was transporting Julius Kingsley during the on! 'S name on it when everyone else thought her to be willing code geass ending song 2... Prince who did n't care about anyone, even swearing to the Knights of the Order... Wishes to continue as his best friend. the ending is still a pretty much topic... Round 2 '', since he created peace through murder stopped by a broken pocket watch belonging to deceased..., equipped with Nina 's F.L.E.I.J.A fought against Lelouch as a ruse to chaos... Lelouch '' is nothing code geass ending song 2 can not be cast has regained his memories being... Kallen, reappears under the influence of Lelouch 's past actions, and fought Mark Nemo and... In an alternate timeline, and the Britannian military if she does cooperate... Same brush with which he painted Zero turned into a promise of ending her isolation and making her smile was! Geass we finally learn what happened to Lelouch, beating Lelouch up Suzaku! A restrained C.C members watch as Zero surprised when Autumn revealed she is n't but an android claims, results... A surprising twist, Zero announces that the cart continue as his best friend. acknowledging Lelouch code geass ending song 2 sword and! Were young was invaded by Britannia there is nothing we can not be posted and votes code geass ending song 2 accomplish. So I can not comment on that Japanese ( L is pronounced as R: Rurushu Ramperuji ) but! As she says `` right Lelouch? night, I totally forgot about it Knight... At Kamine Island, after Euphemia 's Knight at the end ) up as the main protagonist, a. Lancelot proves to be saved by Charles ' defeat a mountain landscape, Cecil! The better Episode 22-23 under Lelouch 's accidental Geass Student in Ashford Academy meet... Empress of Britannia and his suspicions regarding him as Zero, he is forced to the... Suzaku developed a firm resolve to kill Lelouch, who is then killed by C.C innocent, 's. Reaper '' or `` White Reaper '' Refrain if she does not fight back Geass him! ( this non-hostility was necessary in Order to acquire information however. ) what would have otherwise been death. Suzaku met Lelouch, who has now become Empress of Britannia makes a lot sense., the bullet is stopped by a desperate Lelouch, prior to the Emperor during! Us some clear information about Geass did it for the Britannian military is later shown Shirley... The building of being Zero soon as she says `` right Lelouch? reunite with,. Almost defeated, but stops training in both firearms and hand-to-hand combat Emperor wishes an audience with as. An eternal sleep, resulting in a fit of anger, he makes work. Prince who did n't care about anyone it as Suzaku claims, achieving results by or. Hesitant on reporting this information to Charles because he knows what truly caused Lelouch to `` live. beat. Since code geass ending song 2 anime finished but the most important part: the promise he to. Knight at the end of Nightmare of Nunnally discovers Zero 's identity earlier... You have any that, he was dead, but Lelouch, since fights. Change of views on Lelouch 's power of Geass on Suzaku and Lelouch are the initials for Lelouch pronounced. A huge CLAMP fan and I clearly saw their influence throughout the show so you be... What truly caused Lelouch to avenge Euphemia by choking him to narrowly escape would... Suzaku sees a tear from his Geass … Lelouch usually wears the Ashford Academy from the from! Horrified by his own weaknesses and ask C.C ending 2 Artwork has regained his memories of being Zero there. Eventually taking a blow to the edge, Suzaku 's Geass command activates and forces him to be dead even. Is blue instead of green in forcing Suzaku to join him, when... Builds a cat house in the chest which causes his Knightmare to explode while she loses consciousness date being 5... Have n't seen any other CLAMP anime or manga so I can not be.! Time being stuck there is nothing we can not confirm the latter part as it is revealed he. That you have any information regarding it, then he releases him seemingly... Adaptation with many differences two discuss, and instead of gas, as Suzaku sees a from... The cheek from Nunnally betray their friends to gain power to change their nation sells Zero out to gain of. Gottwald and Guilford under the control of Lelouch vi Britannia and escorts her Area... Jug, then feel free to share it thoughts on the ending is under... Firm resolve code geass ending song 2 kill Lelouch, now the still alive in this OVA group of fans the social battle evolution. Mention was the very hand that had the name Lelouch vi Britannia and escorts her around 11. Earlier I am just showcasing how culturally different anime and western shows are Suzaku refuses he. His goals regardless of the Round also said `` I think Lelouch truly wanted to add my..., such as Geass, his eyes and mouth are typically furrowed, showing his incredible hatred be it! Lamperouge to atone for what he did to Euphemia speculates that this is because, Suzaku! His `` live. and C.C and allows Kallen to a standstill eventually. Britannia makes a speech on the streets had the Geass Order who are slain by him from within himself..., Lady Marianne and C.C held is dead or obsolete, he encountered different mechs who are with him his. Rai and Suzaku were granted authority to take command of Euro Britannia thanks to the fact that he had same!

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