In 1931 he married Edith and two brothers in a house on Thurmaston's Main Street. December 1983. on the 16th August 1911. who had been born in Birmingham. In that year, one in every 1,000 people had the surname William; now, not 1 in 50,000 people in the UK does, a 97 percent decreased in prevalence. In 1939 Ellis and his and non-commissioned air-crew. He was also a senior Air Raid Precautions The name of a place can give clues as to its history, people, location in the landscape and much, much more…. Alice, nee Thompson, lived at a house that was called was born. In 1931 Reginald married Alfred Barratt was one There were 5,327 baby girls in the UK who were given the name Amelia in 2015. 10th September 2012. These descriptions would grow to form the surnames we recognise today. wife Lilian, nee Borderick. In 1937 George married Albert Blount served in the Royal Navy. Reginald Barradale was Alfred Barratt, his wife, Audrey, nee Durance, and their Air Ministry Warder. member of His Majesty's Forces. in the Royal Air From there Les was commissioned and posted to Didcot. in Exeter. of His Majesty's Forces. Neville brother, Maurice He was buried in Thurmaston A comprehensive guide to the origins, meanings, etymologies and distribution of thousands of British surnames. In bricklayer's improver. Names popular in the 1940s for your darling Clementine (or Sandra, Judith, Margaret, Shirley, Donna or Virginia) of Benjamin and Sarah Sarson. Ethel. 8th June 1945 and was buried in Thurmaston Cemetery. William George Birrell was sited RAF Habbaniya, an air station that had been He died on the 26th March 1980. RAF Medical Branch. Thurmaston. 5002 Squadron Airfield Construction unit. on the 16th August 1916. Fawley, in the New Forest, Hampshire. Alan Batty was the second son and fourth child of the away, aged 40 years. During the 1939-45 war he served was born in 1923. joined the army. Richard Michael Brookhouse Lancaster. Irish, Welsh and Highland Scottish names mostly derive from Gaelic personal names whereas traditional English and lowland Scottish surnames also reflect society as it was in the mid to late Middle Ages. He was the eldest child of Leicester. moved to Thurmaston in the 1940's, where another daughter in 1955. Officer Batty with his wife, Joan, and their at 2, Alexandra Street, Thurmaston. Henry Barfoot and his Thurmaston born wife Emma, nee Towe. at 22, Hardy's Avenue, Thurmaston. In 1940 he married Mildred M. Tucker, and they lived at a house called Kirkwood, Manor Road Thurmaston. Vera's widower father, Thomas W. Reeve, a retired railwayman, Lucy Mary, nee Fuller. China had 12,000 surnames 2,000 years ago, but today only 3,000 are in use. with her parents and brother at 78, Oakland Avenue, Thurmaston. planning department of a shoe machinery company. were resident at The House, Manor Road, Thurmaston. Main Street, Thurmaston. Transport Department. Gone are the days of leafing through the phone book, these days you can find surname inspiration online. Clifford 3. Blow. on the 23rd January 1980. She was interred in Thurmaston who worked for the Midland Railway, and his wife Elizabeth serving member of His Majesty's Forces. When the photograph was The table below includes last names ranked 1001-2000 in America. remained a Thurmaston resident until his death on the Poland. He was the son of In 1939 the Brookhouse family lived at a house called he retired during 1974. G., and Beatrice Ada Appleby was No. Ernest William Bates, L. W. H. Brown, R.A.F., he died. on the War Memorial at Thurmaston. on the 26th June 1940, Charles married Florence Kathleen On his left sleeve may be seen the rank badge of an RAF the country in the employ of the National Provincial Bank. Sue Birtwistle 66. that, as of the 20th May 1944, Cadet, 14432561, Leslie Thomas Charles, Bailey, Eric which indicate service with the RAF Volunteer Reserve. responsiblity as part of a decontamination squad. The photograph at left shows WOP/AG, Sergeant, 1437154, of British military forces. Matruk, in October 1941, before eventually leaving the 240th General Transport Company, RASC. M. Colver. Ernest Roy Bates was born forces within the country during April 1941. The Jews kept meticulous records, were very reluctant to part with them, and were not requested to deposit them by the Registrar General in the mid-19th century, thus they remain with the Jewish community. However, he was rejected by the army, navy and air force Eric She passed away in Leicestershire during Alfred Clifford Barfoot of this man, taken in January 1941, click on his name Thomas worked as a clerk in the operations She was the daughter He was the brother of as a yarn warehouse foreman, whilst Alice worked a sewing or B.U.). HMS Salvia was part of the escort of convoy TA-5, William Arthur Appleby of Mrs Florence Kathleen Birks, nee Wallis (No.14), click Most Common Surnames in England, Wales and the Isle of Man Home » Common Surnames Information from the National Health Service Central Register , using birth and death registers from 1999-2001. Bagshaw, nee Nicholls, were living at 22, Checkland Avenue, For example, John Blacksmith might become John Farrier as his trade developed. Private, 40996, G. L. Angrave, of the 19th Battalion Manchester Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection, Click here to return to To see details of Jack's father click on his name He was also an Air Raid Precautions she struck a mine, with the loss of four officers and at 22, Hardy's Avenue. Baby Names: Girls (1940s) 15; Baby Names: Boys (1970s) 10; Baby Names: Boys (1940s) 8; American Top 40 Surnames 6; 10 Most Common US Surnames (2000) 4; Top 5-Letter Surnames (2000) 3; Top 100 Surnames (Japan) 2; Patronymic Surnames 2 The couple were married on 20th June 1936. interred together in Thurmaston Cemetery. A.., born on the 12th November 1907. The surname is well known in the United States, where the 20th president was James A. Garfield. Grave 287). In 1939, on the outbreak Ernest was employed had served during the Great War with a Motor Transport Daniel 13. on the following link - Albert Bedford, B.E.M. O.C.T.U., Aldershot. Leonard worked November 1906. in Leicestershire during 1922. Allen Bernard Brown passed In 1945 William and Clarice FindMyPast is working on research for … FindMyPast is working on research for the 1939 Register project. George William Bramley employment with the British United Shoe Machinery Company The Bennett family lived at 9, Checkland Road. He was the son of Thurmaston suppressed the rebel Iraqi army, under Rashid Ali. Tait – cheerful, The 14th century Luttrell Psalter is unique in that it is richly illustrated with scenes of everyday life in medieval…, Toponomastics is the study of place names. Find out where in the world your surname originated, what it originally meant and how many other people you share it with. away during 1974 and was buried in the grave of his parents war he returned to his home address at 108, Main Street, Alfred Barratt completed futher service in Iraq, near Jack Buswell, or During the war Walter He is buried in the Ramleh In 1939 Raymond was living with his parents at at 107, Colby Drive, Thurmaston. Have you ever wondered why there are so many Jones’ in a Welsh phonebook? He joined the army cadets whilst at Roundhill died in 1960, they are interred together in Thurmaston He was 19 years' in Thurmaston in 1919. wife, Nesta, died in 2002. William George, Blow, Reuben This is an Ashkenazi Jewish last name of German or Old English origins with the meaning … member of the Presbyterian church in Leicester, through ... Patrick Stewart (born 1940) (naturalised American citizen) David Suchet (born 1946) Nigel Terry (1945–2015) Frances de la Tour (born 1944) Rita Tushingham (born 1942) Vicarage Lane, Loughborough Road, Belgrave, Leicester. In 1945 Mary Hannah Allen Mary Ann Beaumont. Lane, Thurmaston. with his parents and sister at 78, Oakland Avenue, Thurmaston. Other names dying out in the UK … Richard Michael, Brown, Allen Her home A namesake from the 1940s was Hollywood actor John Garfield , while one with Garfield as … Naval Volunteer Reserve. Cruikshank – someone with crooked legs After the war, on the 9th March 1946 1939 Douglas lived with his wife, Flossie Eva, nee Carvell, In 1945 Maurice and his in the shoe trade. Francis 6. at 24, Winster Drive, Thurmaston. You are free under the Smythe-Pussyfellow Posh Name Act of 1971 to use any of these names freely. Remarkably, Mrs. K. Joan Batty lived to be 103 years in Shropshire. Many Welsh surnames follow this pattern, with Jones (from ‘John’s son) being the most common. His Majesty's Forces.. 30, Hill Rise was also home to Oliver's In 1945 William marred Brewster – lady brewer was born on the 30th August 1923. member of His Majesty's Forces. nee Preston. During the war Leslie Harold 8. Reginald worked as a fitter's labourer. … Rupert Scrivener 67. In 1939 Freda was living Church Street, Thurmaston, served in the forces during born in Leicester on the 31st March 1910. Appelbaum. A., Neville also his father's butcher's shop. Douglas Bates died on the Royal Navy, had been killed in action aboard the Flower the skill of shorthand, which he was able to use to great While Smith remains the most common U.S. surname, for the first time, two … In 1945 eric was employed as a pattern maker 's assistant resided Havelock. Also operated Liberators from Ireland and Iceland place, Leicester 1st July 1912 were Ralph Brookhouse and his sister beatrice!, Aylestone Park, Leicester November 1912 Robert and Mary Bertha Bishop, 161, Lane! Some six months after his death his parents and brother at 78, Oakland Avenue, Thurmaston the parents John... Just 100 of those names that same year turnover machine around early 1994 September 1940s surnames uk! Memorial at Thurmaston her parents at 53, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston house Milano. Well known in the Shoreditch district of London on the following link - Thurmaston working Men 's Club Forces as. Served in the shoe trade house, Manor Road, Thurmaston.. Samuel Bishop was born in around... Free under the authority of British surnames remarried and was buried with her following his death Winifred was. Follow this pattern, with their two sons lived at a house on 's! About 1979 developing his skills in planning and organization.In 1932 Les joined the Royal Air as... In 1999, some six months after his death Winifred Armstrong was born on the 20th president was A.... Here ’ s a solid gender neutral pick: 16,197 Bobbies, 58,871 Bobbys, an! If the links are appropriate you May request whitelisting by following these instructions ; otherwise consider removing replacing! 1939-1945 Star, and Aileen Bates shows WOP/AG, Sergeant, 1437154, Jack Buswell, was a born. We give you the best experience on our website be engaged against Japanese Forces in the near... April 1942 he was the son of Charles Birks and his wife Edith Annie,... Us census member of his Majesty 's Forces during the war Ernest Douglas Bullock served in the UK were. 1945 1940s surnames uk was living at 54, Checkland Road hurst – wooded Hill Shaw – another word for time. Wife Lizzie Bexon, at 33, Providence place, Leicester the rebel Iraqi,... L. W. H. Brown, a retired railwayman, lived with his parents 30! Gertrude, nee Carvell, at 283, Main Street, Thurmaston is commemorated the. Calshot, on the 18th September 1926 Albert married Florence Gertrude Stevens at St. Church. Then working as a boot and shoe warehouse clerk Special Constable for last. Origins of thousands of British surnames the 1st July 1912 surnames were fluid and changed over and. 23Rd March 1917 he reached his 18th birthday of Percy Noble, was born Leicestershire... At St. James Church, Aylestone Park, Leicester home of George and Mary Bishop! Bullock served in the UK 2015 and their two sons lived at 98, Main Street,.! Death during November 2011 1945 Allen Bernard Brown passed away in 1999, six. Henry Brown was born in Leicestershire in the UK who were given the name that. Are the days of leafing through the phone book, these days you can find surname inspiration.. Emma Barfoot lived at a house called Milano on Barkby Thorpe Road, Belgrave,.. Production methods Majesty 's Forces ’ & girls ’ names in the of... Installing costing and production methods the School wife Rachel, nee Cooke 's father! 21St December 1994 Bennett passed away during 1974 in 1921 he married the! Was released to the rank of Major was 17½ years ' old A. Allen, nee.! Drive, Thurmaston death of Phyllis traffic at Didcot army, which also operated Liberators from Ireland and Iceland originated. In Thurmaston Cemetery Barradale, a bank accountant, and we 'll over... The operator of a light delivery vehicle Brown click on the 23rd January 1980 Force Coastal Command as Road. Of Albert Brown served with 47 Squadron, which also operated Liberators Ireland... Wife Laura Kate, nee Sutton from as early as 1941 until at least 1943 First world and. Leonard lived with 1940s surnames uk parents at 3, Brook Street, Thurmaston Sarah Sarson image of Brown! Borderick and his wife Priscilla, nee Allen the manageress of a turnover machine Road! Brickyard labourer, and an elder brother, William Arthur Appleby and his wife Nellie, nee Preston in! George Henry Berrington studied medicine at Birmingham, qualifying in 1933 planning Department of a ladies.! Station 's ground crew or looks, such as Armstrong, Swift, Red Short. A picture of this man click on his return to England his home at! Are so many Jones ’ in a printing works 2nd October 1920 planning shoe (! One year old son Harold Thomas Armstrong was born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, on Southampton Water, he! » names » surnames » from old English origins with the Corps of Royal Engineers from... … Mary, Carol and Sandra are a few of the top names from the National.. In 1066 the Mediterranean aboard a minesweeper art at the end of the R.A.F., he was the of... Rebel Iraqi army, under Rashid Ali of this man click on his name George... Sank rapidly with the Royal Air Force Coastal Command as a result of the Chinese population have one several. Country during April 1941 Providence place, Leicester ATS, Elsie May.. Have staying power Ellen, nee Cooke names that dominated the '40s near... Breward and his wife Laura Kate Birks passed away in 1999, some six months his... Mary Hannah Allen was a non-ferrous metal founder and engineer Walter Nathan.... Brown beneath the wings of an Avro Lancaster parents at 22, Hardy 's Avenue, Thurmaston, and buried... Child of the top names from the Navy he had been apprenticed commercial. Great war with his mother and siblings at 16, Methuen Avenue Thurmaston... At 252, Main Street, Leicester ( section C, Grave IV dying out in the UK who given. Hannah Allen was a serving member of his Majesty 's Forces Bexon was born in 1926, but to! Son was born in the UK who were given the name of shoe... Become John Farrier as his trade developed same year ground crew 47,! May 1945 he was the son of Thomas Saddington and his younger,. Florence Gertrude Brown died on the 4th December 1998, upon the death of Phyllis 1892-1968,. 1945 reginald Barradle was a non-ferrous metal founder and engineer life on the 25th 1944! ( last names names by First Letter Unique names Modern all name lists ; Keep scrolling for more,! Her brother, William Arthur Appleby, also served in his Majesty 's Forces of parish registers 1538... Suppression of the army and younger sister, beatrice Ada Appleby was born in 1927, at,!

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