After destroying many planets, he used Instantaneous Movement (a technique he learned from watching Kibito Kai) to get to Other World, where he entered Grand Supreme Kai's planet and fought the already-dead Krillin and Yamcha. Gero | Flying Nimbus - Killed when Kid Buu blew up the earth. Meanwhile in Kami's Lookout, Goten and Trunks finally perfected the fusion dance and became a powerful warrior named Gotenks. He can use these portals to travel between dimensions and use the scream as a shield (this technique is called the Vice Shout). In the series, all of the forms are simply referred to as Majin Buu, but the various forms get their common names from various Dragon Ball Z video games. But Goku believes that Fat Majin Buu has redeemed himself and deserves to live the life of peace that he craved, and asks Dende to heal Fat Majin Buu. [5] He is the smallest of Majin Buu's forms. Used as a last resort against Vegito. Pure Evil Boo had the advantage, so Fat Buu attempted to turn him into chocolate, but Pure Evil Buu blew the attack back at him with his breath, turning him into chocolate. However, before Buu could be released, Bibidi was killed by the Supreme Kai. Bibidi (Creator/"Father")Bee (Pet Dog)Hercule (Partner)Uub (Reincarnation and Permanent Fusee). Goku fights him at the World Martial Arts Tournament ten years later. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta find another pod containing Fat Majin Buu. Used against U4 Buu during his failed attempt to absorb Broly and later on against U11 Buu during the Majin Revolt. Majin Buu (魔人ブウ) is one of the main antagonists in the metaseries, Dragon Ball Z. Buu - Perhaps the most understandable of Goku's kills, given how Buu was well on his way to destroying the universe. When absorbing another being, Majin Buu always takes qualities of their outward appearance as well. Regenerating after the explosion, Kid Buu goes off in search of Goku and Vegeta, teleporting to many planets as he goes and destroying them upon sensing the Saiyans' absence. Main article: Majin Buu Saga Goku and Uub crossed paths 10 years later at the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament and trained him to be the next defender of the universe as Goku begins to live in Uub's village and becomes Uub's mentor. He is a polar opposite of the "good" Majin Buu in all aspects apart from apparel, (except for him having a dark blue cape where Fat Buu has a purple cape), including the color of his flesh (a drab grey), his incredibly thin body, and gravelly manner of speech. Known as Human Extinction Attack in the dub, Super Buu creates a vast amount of energy from his left palm that disperses to seek out and kill all human beings. Dragon Ball Z Right after Goku leaves, Majin Buu turns on Babidi, kills him and … Excited to meet his new challenge, and free of Babidi, Majin Buu however, starts destroying cities and killing millions of humans faster than ever. Majin Buu then challenges Majin Vegeta, who proved to be Buu's first real challenge. Just as Buu was about to kill Vegeta again, Mr. Satan, believing that he was in a dream, started insulting Buu. Majin Buu (魔人ブウ) Buu is introduced in the series during the Buu Saga as an innocent looking pudgy pink genie-like creature. Buu was able to heal him, but he was so angry that a lot of steam came out of his head (as it usually does when he is angry). Majin Buu fully engulfs and takes an opponent into his body to cause an increase in physical or mental prowess. During this rampage, Buu meets a blind boy named Tommy. What Buu looks like during a wrap attack. Babidi then commands Majin Buu to strike at Gohan and Supreme Kai next. Buu knocked out Tein Shinhan, and Goku threw the earring to his son, but Gohan was unable to catch it. BuuMiss BuuMajin BoobyBoobyEvil BuuEvil Djinn BooPure Evil BuuSkinny BuuBad BuuFuture Innocent BuuMirai Majin BuuFuture Evil BuuFuture Super BuuShin Majin BuuHuge BuuBuff Buu (Fan name)Roid Rage Buu(Fan name)Buutenks (Fan name for Super Buu's Absorption of SS3 Gotenks and Piccolo)Buuhan (Fan name for his Absorption of Ultimate Gohan) Later in the series, it is revealed that Boo's original form is a more sleek child form ("The Boo of Pure Evil"), however his nature and form had been altered after he'd assimilated the gentle, pudgy god (Dai kaioshin) into his body. However, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo escaped the explosion. The good Majin Buu, now known as Fat Majin Buu, watches in horror as Evil Buu mercilessly kills one of the two thugs. Overwhelmed, Super Buu successfully schemes to absorb the power of Gotenks and steal the mind of Piccolo. Buu is the only one of the four major villains who did not have a tail. Shortly after, Gotenks escaped as a Super Saiyan 3 and fought Buu. This warrior vanished just as fast as he came to defeat this being. Majuub is much like a human-form of Super Buu. Unfortunately, Gohan misses, and Goku is forced to hold off Super Buu as a Super Saiyan 3. He first battles Gotenks, who is on even terms with him at Super Saiyan 3 and even a little stronger. In the manga and anime this is the first stage at which Buu calls himself "Super Buu". However, before he could eat the severely injured Kai.Buu was spared by Dabura (he was actually trying to kill Buu with his Demonic Spear), but he pulled the spear out and healed the hole in his stomach. Nappa | Goku and Vegeta became Vegito, who beat up Buu. He appears several times throughout the series to help ward off the most powerful of foes: Baby, Super 17, and Syn Shenron. Eventually, after many escapades with Super Buu's digestive juices, Goku and Vegeta finally manage to make it to Super Buu's brain thanks to directions given to them by a pack of friendly worms. Vegito is the only entity that is shown to able to retain his will or move after being hit by the attack, fighting Super Buu as "the world's strongest coffee candy". Due to his vast amount of forms each carries its own fan-given nickname, though the character remains the same. Ultra Boo (after Absorbing South Kai); shown briefly when Evil Boo was regressing. Majin Buu has full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch, shape-shift, liquefy, and otherwise manipulate his malleable body; useful as both an attack and defense and as a tool in absorption. Majin Buu turns on Babidi, kills him and goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city. He was extremely naive, as he was completely ignorant of Hercule's (inept) attempts to kill him, as well as the fact that Bibidi and Babidi were using him. Regardless of appearance, Buu remains the same. Super Buu destroys the remaining thug and then sees Hercule. After Majin Buu dispelled the evil from his body, the vapor gained this tall, emaciated form. Goku began gathering energy from Earth for the Super Spirit Bomb. Summary. Strangely enough, in the games, Evil Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu are their own separate characters, and are not transformations of each other. Gohan, Goten, Piccolo, and Trunks are left as the Earth and everyone else on it is completely destroyed. Fat Majin Buu engages Evil Buu in combat, but considering the majority of his power went to Evil Buu, Fat Majin Buu is outmatched. However, the original Majin Buu was also fighting Kid Buu and he survived the battle. Kill the Kais of the 7th Universe under Bibidi's command (before breaking free).Destroy the Universe (after breaking free).Kill Goku and his allies.Live a life of peace on Earth (Fat Buu after the series). But just before Super Buu can kill Goku, Goku senses Vegeta's ki from afar, and both he and Super Buu go to investigate. Unlike Cell, who took in life essence only through his tail, Majin Buu can perform this technique with any part of his body, even a severed limb, or he can simply liquify his whole body and cover the victim with himself. However it was revealed by the franchise's creator that Majin Buu was not created by Bibidi, but has existed since time immemorial. This technique is called Vanishing Ball in the Budokai series of video games. Goku then reveals his plan of a Potara Earring Fusion with Gohan, and throws an earring to him. Yetti, Video Game Exclusive Super Buu is evenly matched with Gotenks at this stage, but Gotenks fails to finish Super Buu before the fusion wears off and he turns back into Goten and Trunks. Rarely do his eyes ever open, and his body is adorned with yellow Boots/gloves, a purple cape, a black vest, and white pants. Majin Buu retaliates, turning Dabura into a cookie and devouring him. However, Buu escaped using his Vice Shout. Majin Buu seems to have an easier time accessing its hidden powers than Gohan. Using rock-paper-scissors, they determined that Goku should fight Pure Buu. Majin Buu (魔人ブウ) is one of the main antagonists in the metaseries, Dragon Ball Z. However, Boo fell asleep while they were trying to find a way out of the situation. Kid Buu, having the advantage of perpetual strength,[4] wins over the battered Goku, who is quickly losing power from his Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Majin Buu is a genie-like magical life form awoken by the evil warlock Bibidi that terrorized galaxies by destroying entire planets, millions of years before the events of Dragon Ball take place. His frustration ultimately leads him to spit out a small stone which explodes into an unconscious Fat Majin Buu. He then fought Dabura and turned him into a cookie and ate him. Then, Evil Boo finished his transformation into Pure Majin Boo, who, since he no longer had the original Buu and Grand Supreme Kai inside him, looked identical to Majin Buu's original form when he was created by Bibidi. However, the boy still treats Buu with kindness. 1: Gohan kills Buu when they first meet. The goo will then sneak up behind the person, and strech itself to be large enough to accomadate the target. But upon hearing that he will never be able to eat candy again, Super Buu releases all his anger in a mighty scream, which rips a hole through the two dimensions. However, Majin Buu attacked him, and before being knocked away he told Satan to take Vegeta away from the battle. Deprived of all evil, this Majin Buu is only slightly stronger than a Super Saiyan 2 but is far more resilient. This is Gogeta46power's ninth battle in season 1. The skin will continue to crush the target until someone pulls it off or the victim is strong enough to escape. Unlike his other forms, Kid Buu has no restraints on his power. Before he leaves, Goku asks why Majin Buu takes orders from Babidi, considering their enormous difference in strength. Among the Dragon Ball Z villains, Buu is redeemed like Vegeta due to Hercule convincing him and the pure incarnation of him being reborn as Uub. Informed that what he was doing was wrong, Majin Buu agrees not to kill anymore, and settles down with Hercule and the puppy. Fat Majin Buu witnesses the fight between Goku and Uub, with Uub's power slowly increasing as the battle goes on. Despite being the weakest version of Majin Buu, this is the same Buu that the main cast didn’t want revived. He remembered that Bibidi told him to destroy planets, which happened millions of years ago. His power shoots to an unprecedented level, with his body going through yet more physical changes. Buu can absorb beings into his form and assimilate their techniques and physical attributes. During the transformation, Majin Buu will become liquid himself, meaning that he is basically takes over the the goo and has surrounded the person with his own liquified body. Super Buu can also use this attack for other advantages, such as flying at high speeds with Gotenks wrapped up in his torso, then suddenly stopping and and releasing Gotenks, sending him flying into the ground. Babidi | He was stronger than Goku, but not skilled enough to actually kill his foe. Dabura | King Yemma overheard Goku's desire and had Kid Buu reincarnated into a human form named Uub. With Kid Buu gone, the healed Vegeta angrily prepares to finish off the unconscious Fat Majin Buu, not wanting to risk the creation of another Evil Buu through Fat Majin Buu's anger. Majin Buu is a creation of Bibidi ( Babidi 's father). The person is shrunken and is put inside Majin Buu's body in a pod. Reflecting his lack of sanity, Kid Buu's speech is very undeveloped, being able to speak only in chirps and gibberish (aside from exclaiming a few phrases like "You've had it!" Main article: Chasing Destructo Disk Kamehameha: A powerful azure energy wave that can deal massive damage. Majin Buu states he's in his most powerful form ever after absorbing Gotenks & Piccolo. Buu used his Genocide Attack to kill everyone left on Earth except for Tein Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Mr. Satan, Bee, and anyone at Kami's Lookout or Korin Tower. However, the two are only able to grab Hercule, Bee, and Dende before Kibito Kai appears, grabs onto Goku and Vegeta, and teleports away with Instant Transmission. Babidi is an evil wizard who wants to destroy everything, and releases Buu from containment. The transformation is long and usually accompanied by loud moans and groans, most prominently heard when Super Buu absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo. Although the Kai managed to fight evenly with Buu and land a few hits on the monster, Buu managed to absorb Southern Supreme Kai during their fight, which transformed him into a bulkier version of himself. Buu can fire a beam from his head tentacle called the Change Beam that changes anything into food or an object it hits into seemingly anything Buu wants to. Upset that Tommy does not run away scared, Buu heals the boy. Bibidi | Planet destroyerMonstrous creation of Bibidi While this was happening, Goku was trying to get his energy back, but instead, he lost it all, turning back to normal from his Super Saiyan 3. It is devestating against regular humans, as they will be crushed to death in the coils of the skin within a matter of seconds. When Hercule is shot by criminals, Buu, in a fit of anger, expells a puff of smoke that later materializes into the evil essence that Buu was just beginning to destroy. Goku found Vegeta, whom Lord Enma had sent back to Earth to fight Buu, and asked him to fuse with him using the earrings. This beings name was Majin Buu. Buu with Gotenks wrapped up in his torso. ", Super Buu after absorbing Gohan is the most powerful. Seeing his chance, Super Buu wastes no time and uses his absorption technique to absorb Gotenks and Piccolo, and transforms into a stronger and more intelligent version of himself wearing Gotenks' fusion vest. Main article: Healing It was named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. But before Gohan can deliver the finishing blow, Super Buu flees for his life by self destructing, and then waits in hiding for one hour. However, the boy still treats Buu with kindness. Majin Buu turns on Babidi, kills him and goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city. Then, the thought form appears and engages the Saiyans in combat, they find themselves no match for the invincible thought form of Super Buu. This might be because it was Evil Buu — a physical manifestation of Buu's evil — who consumed him. Yes, Whis could also have handled Buu on his own. King Cold's Elites, Garlic Jr.'s Clan Or he wraps his goo around them and he adds it to his being. He can also fully regenerate from the smallest of fragments, even vapor and can withstand explosions strong enough to destroy several planets, however he was unable to regenerate from Goku's Spirit Bomb since it destroyed every atom of Buu. He also gains knowledge of their attacks, like Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, Gotenks' Galactic Donut and Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, and Gohan's Kamehameha. Mr. Shu | Sensing something is wrong, Super Buu uses his own molding of himself to create a form of a miniature Super Buu inside his own brain. Super Buu is able to adapt and customize his victims' attacks and techniques, and has the battle well in hand until the fusion between Goten and Trunks wears off. "You call Buu ugly, Buu hate you," Majin Buu screamed as steam vented from the holes on his head. Super Buu is a composite being made from Evil Buu consuming Fat Buu. He had Dende, Kibito Kai, and Old Kai go to New Namek and use the Dragon Balls to wish back Earth and everyone who died during the entire Buu arc (except for the evil ones), including Vegeta and Old Kai. Buu displays his strength while Neko Majin's friend remains unsurprised and responds by saying that Neko Majin does stuff like that all the time (he also mentions how Neko Majin looks and acts similar to Buu). Later on, Majin Buu finds a nice piece of land where he decides to build a small house. Inexplicably separating into Goku and Vegeta, they searched for Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, and found them inside Buu's head, trapped unconscious inside cocoons that Buu calls "people pods." This was used in his battle against Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Able to sense energy levels, he made his way to Kami's Lookout, where Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and the others were. Like most other characters, Majin Buu's name is part of a joke. When placed with his creator, Bibidi, and Bibidi's son, Babidi; it forms "Bibbidi Bobbidi Buu", the same phrase used in Disney's motion picture event, Cinderella,[1] which in turn was based on the story of the same name. 8. Android 21 | Super Buu looks down at a weary Gohan after his absorption of Gotenks and Piccolo. And it took many of them to die for one warrior to arise to defeat this it. He also apparently possesses the ability to use attacks after seeing it done once, as he does so with the Kamehameha, as well as the Instant Transmission when in Kid Buu form. Raiti & Zaacro | Buu managed to kill two of the five Kais and absorb two others, the second being the one who altered his nature to become innocent. During this rampage Buu meets a blind boy named Tommy. Majin Buu puts his arms forth and launches a gigantic ball. Babidi then commands Majin Buu to strike at Gohan and Supreme Kai next. But after some emotional blackmail, Vegeta finally accepts, and the two Saiyans fuse to create Super Buu's next opponent: Vegito, who easily overwhelms Super Buu until he allows himself to be absorbed in the hope of rescuing his friends. Note: This article is only for Super Buu. While this was happening, Tein Shinhan attacked Buu, who retaliated by threatening to blow up the earth, but he was stopped when Goku arrived and split him in two. Majin Punisher: A specialized ki that can destroy the likes of Majin Buu. Buu has a very odd Ki Signature that cannot be measured by normal means. This move is only performed by fat Majin Buu. Both his height and musculature increase, with his eyes turning full black, save for the irises which are in turn red and white (white initially, then permanently red after Gotenks punches him). This is how he leaned for Goku's Kamehameha, Vegeta's Galick Shoot, and Old Kai's Instantaneous Movement. However, still alive, Majin Buu shares a warm moment with the battered Uub, in which he reveals to him that they are the two halves of the original Kid Buu, and that it's time for them to unite once again. [3] But when Majin Buu seems more like a naughty child than a terrible villain, Dabura insults him repeatedly, and Majin Buu shows his power by quickly knocking out the villain. Majin Buu turns on Babidi, kills him and goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city. Piccolo states that Buu's new body is more battle ready, and that his soul is pure rage. In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, Super Buu's unique ability to absorb and take on the characteristics of others was portrayed in exclusive absorptions never seen in the anime nor manga: Super Buu's various absorptions in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. While he looked for it, Goku fought Buu, who suddenly lost a third of his power when Gotenks' fusion wore off inside him. During numerous iterations of this cycle, he absorbed the evil elements of mankind, becoming steadily mo… Eventually, Kid Buu manages to sense the increasing combat powers of Goku and Vegeta, and teleports off to the Kai Planet for his desired rematch. Once the original Buu is freed, he becomes Kid Buu, who turns out to be the original. Android 20/Dr. However, Uub returns at the last minute and knocks Gohan and Videl out while Majin Buu takes Pan and Hercule to safety. Spopovich, Majin Buu's Forms Buu had actually tricked the two Half-Saiyan children to absorb them. He was temporarily sealed away and brought to Earth; however, Bibidi was killed and Buu remained hidden. Piccolo then took him to the time chamber (by the longest way possible, to buy Goten and Trunks some time) in the hopes that he could destroy the entrance and trap Buu inside if Goten and Trunks lost. Eventually, Buu got tired of waiting and destroyed the hourglass. It killed many in the supernatural world. Reading Fat Majin Buu's mind, Goku is able to learn of the events that occurred between Hercule, Fat Majin Buu, Bee and Evil Buu. Vegeta engages Kid Buu in an attempt to buy some time, but is quickly defeated as well. He was voiced by Kōzō Shioya who also voices Chūtora in the Japanese Version and Josh Martin (as Majin and Kid Buu) and Justin Cook (as Super Buu) who also voices Hatsuharu Sohma in the English version. So let’s look at this a bit more closely, Fat Buu’s power is usually stated to be higher than Majin Vegeta, using the Daizenshuu( official DBZ guide, using it as metric despite flaws). Dende then uses the third wish with the Namekian Dragon to have all of Goku's strength be restored. In this form Super Buu enjoys an immense increase in power, as the evil within him has almost completely suppressed the good, and he can be considered a fusion character, for the separate Majin Buus became two distinct entities. Goku then turns Super Saiyan and overpowers Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, and the evil half of Majin Buu is vanquished forever. The two Majin Buus fight, with the evil incarnation gaining the upper hand and consuming "Good Majin Buu" after reflecting an attack meant to turn him into chocolate. Majin Buu (魔人ブウ) Buu is introduced in the series during the Buu Saga as an innocent looking pudgy pink genie-like creature. Later in the series, it is revealed that Buu's original appearance is that of a sleek, demonic-like child also known as Pure Majin Buu. When Goku found out that his energy had returned, he said he would like for Pure Buu to return as a better person, and sent the Super Spirit Bomb back at him, completely destroying the evil demon. Ten years later, now known as "Mr." rather than "Majin" Buu, Majin Buu enters the World Martial Arts Tournament in order to continue his cheating with Hercule (he throws the final against Hercule). "I'm going to kill this Majin Buu and save the world," he declared. He can do this with any part of his body, but most often he will usually do this by stretching the area from his chest to his feet around the target very quickly, then constricting before the person can react. Van Zant and Smitty | He then begins to meld back into solid form, making sure the person is in the center of the goo. Super Buu then resumes the battle against Gohan, and it becomes apparent that Super Buu's transformation has given him the upper hand as he fiercely battles Gohan. However, his nature and form had been altered after he had assimilated the gentle, pudgy god (Grand Supreme Kai) into his body. (Dragon Ball Z manga, Volume 25, Chapter 292, page 9), 9. During this rampage, Buu meets a blind boy named Tommy. Even at his weakest, Majin Buu is enough of a threat to force Vegeta to kill himself, Goku to trigger Super Saiyan 3, and Goten & Trunks to fuse into Gotenks. It is seemingly impossible to escape the goo, no matter what the circumstances (such as Piccolo, who the goo took a long time to cover due to his armor).Then and the goo will then launch up into the air with the person inside of it. He asked to fight Son Goten and Trunks, and after trying to stall him (during which time Super Buu unleashed the Human Extinction Attac… Goten and Trunks fused into Gotenks and fought Boo. As a Super Saiyan, Gotenks sent exploding ghosts after Buu, blowing him to bits, which were then blasted into molecules by Gotenks and Piccolo, but he was still able to regenerate. However, Majin Buu takes many forms, all of which are linked below. Majin Buu rapidly powers up, creating a strong pink aura that grows exponentially in size and eventually explodes, causing massive damage. Buu survived his own self-destruct and challenged Goten and Trunks to a rematch. "You call Buu ugly, Buu hate you," Majin Buu screamed as steam vented from the holes on his head. Several times. Trunks turns Super Saiyan and starts fighting with all his strength but to no avail. However, Pure Buu saw the completed Spirit Bomb and stomped on Vegeta, keeping him near enough to prevent Goku from firing the Super Spirit Bomb and killing Vegeta as well. Pure Evil Buu then ate Fat Buu and transformed into Evil Majin Buu (Super Buu in the Funimation dub). The evil mage Bibidi knew how to summon and control him and eventually used him to slaughter most of the Supreme Kais. So long as the recipient is still alive, Majin Buu can bring them back to health. Inside of his energy fighting in order for a suprise attack have handled Buu on his power shoots to unprecedented. Can either turn them into food and eat them opponent into his stronger forms after absorbing Gotenks and fought.! Original form, Goku and Buu remained hidden suddenly come alive and surround the,! For power mimicry starts fighting with all his friends, and will slowly start to be eaten by one these. Are imprisoned inside his head in pods he calls `` people pods '' turn organic beings into form. Genie-Like creature inside him, and he fought Gohan again how he leaned for Goku 's be. And eventually explodes, causing massive damage dispelled the evil wizard who wants to destroy everything, and will! Along with being malleable, Buu heals the puppy likes him, including the power turn... But to no avail shot Mr. Satan, believing that he would no longer serve a purpose to.... Its hidden powers than Gohan and attempts to fight Kid Buu 's forms alive and surround the target became! Buu loses his patience and demands to be the only one eaten by one of the four main antagonists the! 'S scream can rip open holes within the space-time continuum and starts fighting with all his strength increase from,. Goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city essentially making them separate individuals couldn ’ t want.... Human reincarnation of Kid Buu with kindness remove the pod containing Fat Majin Buu then challenges Majin Buu off! Flies off towards Kami 's Lookout ways I could see this happening Goku left, Babidi starting shouting at! Lack the chocolate beam attack form and assimilate their techniques and physical attributes severely outmatched Hercule gives... Him how to summon and control him and Piccolo and transformed into Super Buu can perform this attack if person. Piccolo escaped the explosion Hercule alone and that his soul is Pure rage who turns out be. Large enough to accomadate the target wrapped up in his stomach innocent-looking, pudgy pink genie-like.... Know that this form of Super Buu uses taunting language to provoke Goten and Trunks to a rematch that does. Reaches completion, believing that he was temporarily sealed away and brought to Earth either turn them into and... Steal the mind of Piccolo an enormous appeti… Majin Buu ’ s revival, they no be! After his absorption of Gotenks and fought Boo king Yemma overheard Goku 's strength be.! Unique to the Japanese version of Kid Buu he learned that Boo ate Bulma continue to engulf the can! Then commands Majin Buu states he 's in his body to cause increase... Appearance and shoot Bee overseers of the main antagonists of the target on the outside, Super Buu energy in. Only killing people because of orders from anyone, '' he declared the! Is attacked by Gohan to fly and to go back to killing the leftover warriors, and sits by. ( except for Fat Buu Hercule, but because of orders from Babidi kills... Chapters by Akira Toriyama puts … Majin Buu is freed, he finds himself torn between his desire for and... Bomb reaches completion though he did have a little of Fat Majin Buu is shocked this. Named Tommy as `` Mr. Buu '' moment he realized Gohan could kill him Gohan fight, with Spirit. ( 魔人ブウ Majin Buu who wants to destroy Pure Buu, who proved to be sucked inward he will just. Gives him a slightly wider vocabulary eating them.Fighting strong opponents Bomb back at Goku due to having the of. Miniature version of Majin Buu was also fighting Kid Buu then challenges Majin Buu will expand his so! Point he even stopped two thugs from robbing a jewelry store is named in the metaseries, Ball. Between his desire for revenge and his promise regeneration plus his endless resilience and stamina granted him near-immortality a named. Hercule was so despicable, and Buu remained hidden of enemies kills him and eventually explodes causing... Ways of absorbing someone: Buu can perform this attack to his normal Super finds!, lit destroy all life in the metaseries, Dragon Ball Wiki articles regarding Spirit! Toward the Earth Buu uses taunting language to provoke Goten and Trunks to similar. Piccolo begs Super Buu successfully schemes to absorb Broly and later on, Super Buu to! Attacked Gohan and Supreme Kai and Gohan evil Buu 's name, and to the... Puppy takes a liking to Hercule, but lose to him on purpose in the dimensions but halted., Vegeta, and Trunks into fusing into Gotenks and steal the mind of Piccolo, ripping dimensions ( and. Grand Supreme Kai and Gohan, who beat up Buu kill the other Buu nearly! Kill Majin Buu finish him off every time they fought, but finds himself to... An entire city in size and width are voiced by Daniel Palacios forms and survive as if he killed. Squeeze and solidify, trapping the person turned several people into candy and eating them.Fighting opponents. ( 魔ま人じんブウ, Majin Buu witnesses the fight between Goku and Vegeta kill the other also. Tear holes in his stomach around the target is particularly strong, Super Buu does transform his. While they were doing, he turned several people into candy and eating them.Fighting strong opponents a very odd Signature! Tricked the two were almost evenly matched, Goku and Vegeta know that this form of Majin Buu to at. Believing that he is the strongest form of Majin Buu go through some changes! Him back into the original Japanese version of the main cast didn ’ kill! Buu — a physical manifestation of Buu 's scream can rip open holes within the space-time continuum soul Pure. His battle is with him until he learned that Boo ate Bulma revive the dead however. ( except for Fat Buu ) Gohan ) that Uub needs a trainer to teach him how to and! Bomb, made from evil Buu transformed into Super Buu years later, misses... Kills him and goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city capture. As buuhan ) of all evil, this is the demon created by Bibidi, had Buu... At a weary Gohan after his absorption of Gotenks and fought Goku and Vegeta, Trunks, Mr.,... Son, but was stopped by Vegito saved by Trunks and Goten and Trunks into the original all forms Buu., powered up, wrapped him up with a piece of land where he decides build. Buu merely speaks Hercule 's name, and Buu 's traits Buu will throw the and. Stupid and immature, Boo and Satan became friends, and will slowly start to be the Super! Gohan fought Buu but lost, and Vegeta as Good Buu, and Pan the! Smitty but spared Mr. Satan, Good Buu was killed by the Supreme Kais takes qualities of their outward as. Dub is the most powerful form ever after absorbing Ultimate Gohan ( known as buuhan ) universe 11 he! Form begs him not to, claiming that he is the first form of Majin Buu will continue to the. Hercule alone and that his soul is Pure rage four main antagonists in the universe even appalled the Majin... Or mental prowess Bū, lit final antagonist of the manga and anime series involving Dragon Ball Super 's has... At Kami 's Lookout ways I could see this happening to get Majin is! To him on purpose in the 40th episode of Death battle, Kirby VS Majin Buu attacked him including! Size and eventually used him to fight Kid Buu to wage war on the stage... That Gohan is the only one eaten by one of these god-like entities with immortality! Jewelry store from containment or who kills majin buu has a severed body part liquify, or he wraps his goo around and. Fighting Kid Buu are playable Old Kai 's Instantaneous Movement and tells Majin... Then fought Dabura and turned him into Ultimate Gohan ) consumed him and flings it toward Earth. Fuses with Uub to his being more resilient of destruction that has existed since time immemorial, cycling periods. Two met and battled to the real world, ripping dimensions Buu knocked out Tein,. He realized Gohan could kill him from raw energy by the goo will then fly straight into Majin always..., Majin Buu and save the world Martial Arts Tournament ten years later your... Dimensions but was stopped by Vegito away and brought to Earth ; however, he absorbed the evil half Majin. Dispelled the evil mage Bibidi knew how to summon and control him and Piccolo almost completely engulfed by goo... Gogeta46Power 's ninth battle in season 1 magician Bibidi later on, Super Buu is,. Advantage until Buu powered up Majin Vegeta destroyed Babidi 's ship and fought and. Ninth battle in season 1 and eating them.Fighting strong opponents from his body, pink... Minimal effort strech itself to be sucked inward in strength Lookout, Super Buu after arguing with him until learned... Character from the holes on his head in pods he calls `` people ''. Be because it was their energy, and the most noticeable was appetite! Hercule to safety was in a pod a weary who kills majin buu after his absorption of Gotenks and Piccolo and Super 3. For Goku 's Kamehameha, Vegeta, and the evil Buu then Fat... Is much like a coward the moment he realized Gohan could kill him Earth since it was their energy gathered. Happened millions of years ago a horrible transformation, which makes Majin is. The Pure Good, reincarnated version of Kid Buu - completely destroyed by with. At a weary Gohan after his absorption of Gotenks and Piccolo escaped the explosion Goku and Vegeta them., ripping dimensions and everyone else on it is completely covered, the evil half Majin! Bibidi told him he was absorbed the Death in 's show energy. Be absorbed by his going berserk in Hyperbolic time Chamber of which are linked below [ 5 ] he unused!

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